7 Days and 7 Nights on the 7th Anniversary


The 11th of September this year is the seventh anniversary of 9/11, and seven years is too long to be silent. Seven years of war, seven years of occupation, seven years of sitting and watching as our civil liberties disappear over the horizon; seven long years. Long enough for the powers that be to grow in confidence and accelerate their agenda, but long enough for the awakening we see all around us and within us to take shape. The time for action is now.

No more apathy, no more inaction, no more "I'll do it tomorrow", no more "what can I do?".

On the 11th of September this year We Are Change UK and Truth Action London will be holding a protest outside the US Embassy in London. We will embody the traits we are striving to create in the world around us: peace, compassion, consideration and love.

This is a call to everybody in the UK who questions, doubts or disbelieves the official story of 9/11 and who rejects the war on terror and war on freedom which defines our time, to make themselves counted and join us there. The stakes now are too grave to sit at our computers lamenting the state of the world and the time has come to become a part of the change we long for.

If you are active for one day of your life then make it this day. We need to stand up for our beliefs and our values, for truth and justice, and we need to be united in doing so. If you want to be free, then be free. Express the freedom you have today or risk losing it all tomorrow.

Bring "Investigate 9/11" T-shirts and if you don't have one, make your self one. If you have work, take the day off. Pull out the stops and make it happen.

There will be a 24hr presence of We Are Change UK and Truthaction London members at the embassy for seven days from the 7th until the 14th of September, we will be posting a full itinerary of the week's activities in due course and we would love it if any of you can join us for any of the other days of the week. But we need you to be there on the 11th.

In peace and truth,

We Are Change UK